How does your horse rate your Feel?

Is your horse so utterly intrigued by his experience working on stuff together with you, that he forgets about everything else and asks... wow! what now? (Or does he look to you for a carrot or as if he'd rather go back to the barn soon!) Join us at Karen Musson's 2018 Clinic in Denmark to learn how to refine your feel! See below for details.

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How Does Your Horse Rate Your Feel?
Join Us to Add Flow to Your Partnership Experience

Come Ride in a Unique Opportunity to 
Immerse with your Horse... yum!

Near Copenhagen, Denmark
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Special Coaching with Karen Musson
Your Level, Your Focus, Your Speed


What is your horsemanship goal...? What's your dream...? 
What keeps you up at night...? What’s true for you?

  •  Does your sensitive horse get tense at times?
  •  Does your confident horse get resentful at times?
  •  Does your horse seem to be “going through the motions”?
  •  Do you keep revisiting the same challenge?
  •  Do you sometimes feel like you are "confronting" your horse when things get challenging?
  •  Do you doubt that you are a genuine "Alpha" or “boss” at heart (and your horse knows it)?

What if you could take your horsemanship skill to where it is not necessary to "push through" the brace? What if solving a challenge not only feels good to both of you in the process, but also adds trust and meaning to the partnership as a direct result?

Immersion Weekend - 4 Rider Limit

How Does Your Horse Rate Your Feel?
Add More Flow to Your Partnership Experience

"Your horse can’t offer what you don’t give" Karen Musson

Make a quantum leap in how your horse rates your Feel to unlock your next level of partnership. Understand the Facets of Flow and how to apply a collection of small, practical changes that will have a big impact on your horse, your training and your results.

Here we go now:

SATURDAY: Fuel for a Fast Start!
"It's not the little things, it's the Big things IN the little things!" Bid Webb (student)

What does your lead-line mean in terms of true Feel, from your horse’s point of view? How does this relate to your reins? Four distinct types of Feel occur in your lead-line and reins. Each one directly impacts your horse’s posture, balance and quality of movement. Learn the differences, how to apply them on the ground and under saddle, so you can ensure you support your training from the stable to the mounting block as well as during your ride!

By the end of Day 1, you will be practicing a collection of small changes that will have a big impact on your horse's capacity to be mentally and emotionally available, while helping him move gracefully and remain at ease.

SUNDAY: Foot Flow Matters 
“We are talking about the actual facts about horses" Bill Dorrance

Have you ever wondered why there is such a long list of common complaints? For example:

  • My horse feels stiff to the right 
  • My horse feels heavy to the left
  • We have trouble with canter departs or maintaining the canter  Why does my horse go too fast?
  • Why won’t my horse go faster? 
  • Why does my horse buck?

A BIG reason for this is the influence we have on Foot Flow without true awareness! The flow of your horse’s feet taps right into his instincts, holding deep meaning for him, so guiding this through feel can be so very useful! Foot placement is also a key influence on his posture and shape, which determine the quality of his next maneuver. Learn why guiding Foot Flow can improve your timing by 75%, manage the feel of the connection as well as speed – and it’s NOT rocket science!  

By the end of Day 2, you will have gained the skill to carry feel through to the feet in easy increments and in a way that has natural meaning for your horse.


If, as master horseman Bill Dorrance said “It’s in a horse’s nature to get along” why do so many horses resent their rider’s efforts at times, or stay tense, get lazy or seem indifferent?

We will be exploring what no-one is talking about – because it is so “normal” – and going deeper into what we can do together to move beyond “normal” so we can refine the value we bring to our equine partnership and heighten our mutual enjoyment! 

Registration OPEN - First come, First Served

Immersion Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) is Limited to FOUR RIDERS
Immersion Coaching Day (Friday) is Limited to TWO RIDERS 
Non-riding participants are Welcome - you are in for a treat! (please register below)

We invite you to Come Ride!

A shift in your Feel & Timing to better fit your horse can be enough to unlock your next level of partnership. What's in your Feel defines your partnership. Why? Because Feel is the main thing your horse has to go on - it's how he's "wired". This means Your Feel is the direct line to your horse - when applied with clarity that fits Your Horse.

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