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Refine Your Feel
One-on-one Video Coaching Program
Deepen Your Skill, Fall 2020!

"Because there's always more..."

What small aspect of Feel could you change right now to help your horse?

Enjoy a series of one-on-one video sessions with Karen
to help guide your journey forward

Give yourself a little quality time with your horse!
He'll be grateful :)

STARTS September 28th - Registration is OPEN (signup here)

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USA? South Africa? Europe? Australia? Hong Kong?...?

No matter where you are...

I wish you a WARM WELCOME to the Art of Riding Community

Are you ready to take your connection with your horse to new heights? Here we go!

Refine Your Feel
for a connection with your horse not yet imagined

Registration is OPEN for this one-of-a-kind on-line course (signup here)

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