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Karen Returns to Denmark!

Come Ride!

Karen Musson Returns to Denmark 2018

Does your horse love his work so much he asks... "Wow! What now?"
(Or does he look for a carrot or sometimes wish he could finish please!)

Join us at Karen Musson's 2018 Clinic to learn how to refine your feel
with the vital skills that will add value to your partnership for good! 

Come Ride in a Unique Opportunity
Near Copenhagen, Denmark
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Special Coaching with Karen Musson

Your Level, Your Focus, Your Speed
Understand how to use small, precise, practical changes that will help your horse, your training, your results - and your Flow


Sign up for one (or more) of our half day Mini Clinics
You will join just ONE other rider for an in-depth assessment + the practical training tools you need to advance
Friday 9:00-12:30
Saturday 9:00-12:30
Sunday 9:00-12:30 

We will choose the focus of most value to you, for example:

How to get in time with the Feet to improve shape, movement and flow

See how your lead-rope and reins can make things difficult for you horse and learn how to make it easy for him to improve, posture, balance and quality of movement

Or ask about a different area, or let us know exactly what would help you and your horse the most

You choose!

"I'm not sure I will understand the English..."

We have short sessions this year and Ida (a trainee with Karen for two years) is there to translate and help you understand - no worries!
Karen understands this challenge (she lived in France - not her first language!) and is happy to slow down or use other words, wherever needed.

"What will I take home with me?"

You understanding what your horse needs most, why and how to do that are our top three priorities

At the end of the session we will define your personal "road map" to continue at home:

1. What we saw at the start

2. What we changed to improve it

3. What to watch for, so you know you are on right track


If, as master horseman Bill Dorrance said “It’s in a horse’s nature to get along” why do so many horses resent their rider’s best efforts at times, or stay tense, get lazy or seem indifferent? We will be exploring what no-one is talking about – because it is so “normal” – and going deeper into what we can do together to move beyond “normal” . We will refine the value we bring to our equine partnership to grow our mutual enjoyment!

Registration OPEN - First come, First Served

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We look forward to working with you and your horse.

See you in June.

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