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In Depth Clinic with Your Horse

What You Need for Your Horse Right Now!

April - July, 2018 - Granville OH - Private CLINICS

What your Horse Would Love You to Know about
Feel, Timing, Balance and more

Come Ride this Spring!


If you are interested in scheduling a private or public clinic contact Karen by clicking to "Leave a Message" (see lower right of screen)

The Art of Riding with Karen Musson 
Refine Your Feel

Special Coaching Clinic
"Dive in" with a mix of small group and individual coaching dedicated to you and your horse...

Your Level, Your Focus, Your Speed

Join us for this clinic series to gain new insight about what's really going on inside your partnership in terms of the ultimate measure: the Feel between you and your horse. Learn how to "move the needle" and advance to the next level by tuning into the smaller "particles of feel" that matter to your horse. "It's not the little things, it's the BIG things IN the little things" as a student so aptly put it.  

What's in your Feel defines your partnership. Why? Because Feel is the main thing your horse has to go on - it's how he's "wired". Your Feel is the direct line to your horse -- when it's aligned with who You are and applied with clarity that fits Your Horse.

A shift in your Feel & Timing to better fit your horse can be enough to unlock your next level of partnership. 

Join us for this trio of clinics that build on each other. Gain practical insight with one-on-one help to ensure you take home what you need for your horse.

We are limiting rider spots to SIX ensure individual attention. 


Join Karen as she guides you through how to Refine Your Feel.  

Follow Karen's step-by-step approach to set the course for a thoroughly uplifting true connection that is both real and one you can rely on to reach your horse when things aren't so smooth.

Events offer a low-key, friendly, fun, inspirational and often deeply touching experience. 

Whether you want to "just" find your flow out on the trail, bust open the door to master your real competitive potential
or simply refine your feel in a great connection you already enjoy, we invite you to Come Ride!

Registration closes April 4th, first come, first served.

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