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In Depth Clinic with Your Horse

What You Need for Your Horse Right Now!

June 18-20, 2018 - Snowdon Farm, nr Sheffield - Refine Your Feel CLINIC

Come Ride this Summer! 

What your Horse Would Love You to Know about
Feel, Timing, Balance and more

Monday June 18th to Wednesday June 20th, 2018

Local contact: Cath Meehan
mobile 0777 8581652 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Snowdon Farm Riding School, Snowdon lane
Marsh Lane, Sheffield S21 5RT,UK

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Refine Your Feel

Special Coaching Clinic with Karen Musson
"Dive in" with small group with individual coaching dedicated to you and your horse...

Your Level, Your Focus, Your Speed


Does your sensitive or "lazy" horse respond smoothly to pressure?

Are you really an "Alpha" leader, at heart?

Does your horse trust and respect you as much as you hoped he would?

Join us at this clinic to gain new insight about what's really going on inside your partnership in terms of the ultimate measure: the Feel between you and your horse. 

What's in your Feel defines your partnership. Why? Because Feel is the main thing your horse has to go on - it's how he's "wired". Your Feel is the direct line to your horse -- when it's aligned with who You are and applied with clarity that fits Your Horse.

A shift in your Feel & Timing to better fit your horse can be enough to unlock your next level of partnership. Find out:

  1. which of the main aspects of Feel is the particular key to “closing the gap" for you and your horse

  2. what exactly it is in your Feel that brings your horse’s offer of “mind, engine and feet” more readily to hand

  3. how to shift your Feel & Timing from the “closed door” Feel of a conditional release of pressure to the “open door” Feel of a carefully directed, ongoing Feel of Release

  4. why all this matters all the more "when surprising things happen"

Join us for a weekend of practical insight with one-on-one help to ensure you take home what you need for your horse.

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Local contact: Cath Meehan 
mobile 0777 8581652 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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More on What to Expect from Karen:

Karen Musson

Karen Musson is known for her warm, light-hearted way of coaching horsemen/women in the refinement of feel. She guides you to expand on the idea of an intermittent, conditonal feel of release to an ongoing feel of release that develops an open flow in your connection. Karen will show you the direct line to an ease and depth of connection you know exists... yet which might seem to come and go at times, feel fleeting or be right at your finger tips then sometimes escape your grasp. "Feel" is not exclusive or reserved for the advanced or masterful rider - it is universal. It is also the art of not tripping ourselves up as a result of a collection of common practices that unwittingly get in our way. All it really takes is gaining the awareness that fuels taking our horsemanship a little deeper in understanding of "the inner workings" of a prey animal - so we can shift from a dominant approach that promotes brace first, followed by submission, to leading from the "the higher road" of connection first to bring an offer of mind, engine and feet more readily to the hand, in unity.

Join Karen as she guides you through how to Refine Your Feel.  

Feel is the direct line to the whole horse: refining your feel takes the connection you have with your horse to new heights. Enjoy!

Follow Karen's step-by-step approach to set the course for a thoroughly uplifting true connection that is both real and one you can rely on to reach your horse when things aren't so smooth.

Events offer a low-key, friendly, fun, inspirational and often deeply touching experience, while exploring in depth such topics as:

1. What is “feel” anyway? Isn’t it what we do naturally? Don’t I already use “feel”?

2. The common thread to every challenge - whether a minor ‘moment’ between you and your horse, a slight inconsistency that is on your mind or the immense frustration of hard work yielding slow progress, or perhaps an unsettling ‘trigger’ that lurks in a horse or rider, rooted in a fall, bad experience or is just a mystery. 

3. The one thing that will ALWAYS release your horse’s mind to you, and how to do it.

4. How and why does our "clear intent" and its associated Feel play a defining role in the connection between you and your horse? 

5. Refine Your Feel - as in, how do *you* do this with *your* horse? 


"FEEL, TIMING and BALANCE: Sometimes it's best to talk about feel, timing and balance separately, and to learn how to apply each thing separately on the start. But when you go to apply these three things a little later on in your training, then you see that each of these things supports the other. They are interconnected and all three are important. If one is missing, there's sure to be a poor effect on the other two. The main one you need to have in there when you ride is balance. Without that you'd fall off your horse just as soon as you got up on him"

Bill Dorrance


Whether you want to "just" find your flow out on the trail, bust open the door to master your real competitive potential
or simply refine your feel in a great connection you already enjoy, we invite you to Come Ride!

Registration now closed

Local contact: Cath Meehan 
mobile 0777 8581652 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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